Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society


We seek to improve the health status of rural and indigenous populations through research, training and service delivery programmes.

— Dr. Rajesh Singh, Director

Christian Hospital, Chamba

Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society (GCD&WS) was founded as a natural corollary to the Christian Hospital, Chamba by their founder Dr. Rajesh Singh.


After finishing his MBBS, Dr. Singh worked as a medical officer in a methodist hospital for 2 years, and later did his MS (General Surgery) from CMC Ludhiana. He, then, worked as a Surgeon in different places in India. But he was not satisfied with the kind of work he was doing because he had a vision set in his mind from his childhood to render medical services, and set up schools for the benefit of the poor and needy living in the remote areas of Garhwal hills, where nobody would come to start their practice. Moreover, this was the place where his wife belonged.

Many a time he was challenged by the poor condition of medical services in the Garhwal region, where people, when they fell seriously ill had no option but to travel 100 kms to the nearest city seeking treatment.

He and his family decided to dedicate themselves for medical services to the people of this area and shifted to Chamba, Tehri Garhwal on the 21st of October 1991. After shifting to Chamba, he and his wife started a small clinic with 5 beds in a rented house. Money was a constant worry. Proper supply of electricity and water was another.

There was very little basic medical equipment to work with, and they did not have X-Ray and ultrasound machines, proper operating/surgical equipments etc. In spite of these obstacles, they began their work by purchasing on credit some essential equipment for surgery.

Presently, by the blessing and grace of God, we are running a 25-bed hospital that the locals popularly refer to as ‘Masihi Aspatal’. It is almost 18 years since we began and we've come a long way from being prodded by peers to open a profitable clinic at Dehradun or Mussoorie.

People from afar come here for medical and surgical services. Free services are rendered to the patients in emergencies, mostly accidents and natural disasters like earthquakes and cloud bursts.