Garhwal Community Development and Welfare Society


We seek to improve the health status of rural and indigenous populations through research, training and service delivery programmes.

— Dr. Rajesh Singh, Director

Outpatient Services


Daily around 40 patients seek out patient care from the hospital. Common OP conditions include fevers, gastro enteritis, respiratory infections including tuberculosis and pneumonia, skin problems, reproductive and sexually transmitted infections, ante natal care, convulsive disorders, tobacco related disorders, hypertension and diabetes.

Inpatient Services


The hospital has 25 beds. The hospital serves around 800 to 900 in patients annually. Common conditions for hospitalization include deliveries, new born care, gastro enteritis, tuberculosis, respiratory infections, road traffic accidents, gynecological problems, cardiac problems, diabetes, HIV/AIDS patients for management of opportunistic infections, Buergers disease, surgical patients, and medical and surgical emergencies such as prolonged and obstructed labour, ruptured uterus, pre- eclampsia, eclampsia, wild animal bite, poisoning, burns, and convulsive disorders.

Surgical interventions


Around 250 to 300 surgeries and 200 to 210 deliveries are conducted in the hospital annually. This is the only hospital in the district that can manage all kinds of complicated deliveries and perform caesarean sections.

The hospital provides surgical care for a wide range of conditions like :

  • Minor surgeries
  • Traumas, emergencies and all kinds of major surgeries because this area is highly disaster prone due to the hilly terrain
  • High risk deliveries and other maternal complications
  • Sterility

Patients come here from as far as 150-200 kms as this is the only secondary care centre available within a radius of 200 kms. The majority of patients are women coming for Gynecological problems. These include white discharge, backache, burning micturition, prolapse of uterus, chronic cervicitis, fibroid uterus, normal deliveries, and cesarean sections.